Monday, December 31, 2012


Archie (left); Dixie (right)

Above is a picture of the babies waiting for a man who just left them. They're hoping he will return through that door at any moment, but that moment won't happen until several weeks from now, if not months. My brother was here and now he's gone. He's the one they are pining over.

I'm not sure why Archie has bonded so strongly with my brother. Archie lived in Atlanta for a few weeks while my mom recovered from an accident. Archie knocked her down last spring and broke her arm. So, a my brother's friend took care of Archie while she was rehabilitating. Maybe when Archie was down there, he became familiar with my brother.

During that time, Archie bonded with my brother since he would often see Archie. He'd also visit my brother and Dixie at my brother's condo. Dixie still loves my brother and does not mind that he gave her away to my mom. He could not handle her. She is wild as hell.

While my brother was here, Archie followed my brother around the house wherever he went. If they were separated, Archie would trot to my brother when he heard his voice from somewhere else in the house. He even insisted on sleeping with my brother in his bed. Had Archie and Dixie not been so attached to one another, my brother would take Archie back to Atlanta, but this would break the dogs' hearts.

The dogs waited in the kitchen by the door for over an hour after my brother left until they returned to normal.

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Random Thought:
A race to fight racism gives me an idea on how to fight sexism.

During one of my many random thoughts, I remembered seeing a running event hosted by the YMCA a while ago, A Race to Fight Racism. I admit it was a neat play on words and catchy. But then I thought, using the logic above, if a group has a race to fight racism, what should they do to fight sexism? Have sex to fight sexism?

Friday, December 14, 2012

11 Months Ago to the Day

I got those babies 11 months ago to the day. They were not intended to be a pair but it looks like they will be together for a long time.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Same as it ever was.

Debris from Dixie's misconduct. To be fair, it was taken a few months ago.

Finishing school (training school) did not do a goddamn bit of good for Dixie. She's as naughty, rambunctious and uncontrollable as ever. What makes it funny and frustrating, is that Dixie reverted back to her old ways while the trainers were still here talking to us. For example, she grabbed a roll of toilet paper from my bathroom and a wash rag from my mom's on different occasions. But in both times, she proudly and defiantly brought them straight into the den where we were. She did not even try to hide her misconduct. She sat there, contraband visibly in mouth, and looked at us.

That dog is incorrigible.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Dixie the Recidivist?
Tomorrow, Dixie Returns from Finishing School

Dixie under my bed. Doesn't she look like a naughty little shit?
Tomorrow is the big day. Dixie comes home after a few weeks of obedience training. And she will be tested tomorrow. I'll be home and so will the pretty white cat, two things that get her very excited. Of course, the handsome fella will be there. Dixie will be happy to see him, too.

The trainers will drop her off tomorrow around noon. They will immediately see if their dog-training methods have worked.