Saturday, February 2, 2013

Dog-Cat Relations

The relations between the cat and the dogs seem to have gotten better, in particular between Dixie and Dodo. (Archie was never that bad to Dodo.) Dixie no longer goes berserk every time she sees or hears the cat. All it took was for a characteristic plopping sound of Dodo landing on the floor from the counter for Dixie to transform. The transformation was not good. Dixie would tense-up, bring her senses to full alert, jump off the couch and zero-in on where she thought the cat was. Dixie never hurt or bit Dodo, but the amount of harassment irritated and scare the hell out of poor Dodo. Dixie would put her nose on Dodo and sniff him. Also, Dixie would vigorously lick the cat. (I'd hate to think Dixie was "tasting" the cat, but I'll give Doodle the benefit of the doubt.)

I'm not saying Dixie is a sweetheart to Dodo, but Dixie can look at the cat without turning into a whirlwind creature wild as hell.