Friday, April 29, 2011

Trump for President?
Am I Taking Crazy Pills?

I can't believe this guy is contemplating a run for president. Why can't he run as a Democrat?

Almost nothing in his past says "I'm Presidential." Can you imagine him spouting off at the mouth in an international crisis the way he has when a TV camera is on him?

And how petty was he when he had his feud with Rosie O'Donnell? It wasn't dignified and certainly not Presidential.

When Palin was rumored to run, I thought "Can it get any worse?" The answer is yes.

A month or so ago, I thought this was a joke and would go away. This thing is lingering like a bad fart in church.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Dodo & People Food

Dodo loves people food and can be quite pushy trying to get some. I was down in Raleigh visiting the other day. I had cooked a Red Baron Deep Dish pizza. They are surprisingly good. Dodo thought so too. As I sat down in the living room, Dodo ran into the living room from the foyer and jumped on the couch right beside me. He stared at me and cried.

He wanted that pizza and even took a step within inches of the slice in my hand. I tore off  pepperoni and placed it beside him. He ate it all. I did it again and again. Everytime, Dodo wanted more and more. When I was down to the crust, I put it beside him, and he licked the sauce off the crust but left the crust alone.

Dodo also like ice cream. He also like the filling in Twinkies and choclolate eclairs. He loves hamburgers. He can eat 1/4 of a burger in one sitting. He does prefer I  mash up the burger before serving it to him. It makes it easer for him to eat.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

More Random Thoughts

How many times was the word "jaws" actually said in the movie Jaws?

Why didn't the movie Boogie Nights ever play the song "Boogie Nights" by Heatwave?

Sunday, April 17, 2011

That Was Close

Yesterday a tornado touched down about a mile from where I live in Raleigh. The power had already went out by then. I can give a good guess of when it happened because things got ominously dark. The wind gauge on our weather apparatus (my family geeks out on all things weather. My brother will watch the Weather Channel like it's a show or something) jumped up to 60 mph. The worst part lasted a couple of minutes.

My mom's house has been without power for a full 24 hours. The power company said it most likely will not be restored until 3 days or maybe more. The news said nearly 2 dozen people died. How many were in Wake County, I don't know.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Reality Update

American Idol

Paul finally got the boot. It took long enough but it happened. Unfortunately, Pia cannot come back. But don't worry about her. Two days after American Idol got rid of her, she signed a deal with a record company. I think the next guy to go will be Casey.

Real Housewives of New York

RHW NY introduced a new cast member (Cindy) to replace Bethenny. Cindy seems a little off-beat but in a good way. The way she looks reminds me of an older version of Martha Davis from The Motels.

Bethenny may have more baggage than the "lost and found" at Newark International but she's nice to look at and had a kickin' body. I don't think Cindy will not be as needy as Bethenny. I checked LexisNexis, and Cindy is 47 but has no criminal record.

And I have to agree with the RHW NY cast members' consensus about the "Sonja Portrait." It wasn't very flattering. She had hallowed out eyes and looked like a heroin addict.

Thursday, April 14, 2011


I got a hit from the 100th country at this blog! It was Haiti that sent me into the triple digits. So, thank you, Haiti!

Looking at the stats for my blog, it's mostly the pictures that lure people here. I don't think people actually read this stuff. People especially like the Far Side Cartoons and the Westboro Baptist Protest picture. I'm not for or against gay sex, but that photo was sarcasm at its finest!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Yoga Sucks

Four years ago, I sprained my left ankle while trail running in Umstead Park. I had sprained this ankle many times before. This would be the last time I would run on the trails again. Consequently, my running hasn't been the same since.

A few weeks into my recuperation, I decided to 'cross-train' and do some yoga. What the hell, I thought. It was ok at first, but it was a poor substitute for running. I hate cross-training. There are no good substitutes for running. It's like comparing jerking-off to the real vagina.

So, a after a couple of weeks of doing yoga, my right ankle started to hurt. Goddamn, this was my good ankle! When I started running again a month later, my right ankle would start to hurt, badly. It especially hurt when I turned or changed directions. My right ankle is no longer my 'good ankle'. My running has never been the same. I gained weight fuck it all. Ironically, my left ankle has never hurt since.

Yoga sucks the big one.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

They Always Take the Pretty Ones From Us

American Idol fans are in disbelief after Pia was recently voted off the show. Ryan tried to brace us for the shock at the beginning of Thursday night's episode, but it was surprising nonetheless. Even the judges were in disbelief

One idea floating around to explain that vote is the "Teen-Age Girl Bitchiness/Cattiness Theory." Apparently teen age girls have envy for the raven haired beauty and let their jealousy show through their votes.

I can't really say. I thought for sure Paul would get the boot. I don't see it. He's not that great. Maybe next week he'll go.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Dead Languages

My brother once commented about my eccentric behavior around my dogs. In some ways he was fascinated by the sing-songy way I would speak to the dogs and the way I could transpose letters and sounds when I addressed them. He said it was like I was speaking another language around them. Each dog had its own language I made up for it individually.

Now that the babies are gone, those languages are now dead languages.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Go Duke!

In this narrow exception, I'm a Duke fan. Three Duke Lacrosse players got the thumbs up from a judge to proceed in a civil case against the prosecutors in the Duke Lacrosse Rape Case. Those poor bastards got caught in the crossfire of race and gender. The media had them tried, convicted and sentenced before they were officially arraigned.

I wonder how many details of that sordid night will be revealed.  Even though the team didn't break any laws, I have a hunch they acted in an anti-social and boorish manner that night. It might be embarassing for them.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Under New Management

When I see a sign at a restaurant, store or other service establishment with a sign "Under New Management", I read something else into that sign. "Under New Management" is another way of saying "We sucked but please give us another chance."

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Worst April Fool's Joke

I wasn't quite 9 there, but that is the kitchen where the joke was played.

Yesterday was April Fool's Day. I thought of a prank my brother played on me in 1978. My mom had cancer and recently had surgery. I was in the kitchen alone eating breakfast when my brother walked in.

  • He asked "Did you hear what happened to Mama?"
  • "No" I said.
  • "She died."
  • She wasn't dead and he said "April Fool's."

When I told my parents what my brother did, not only did they not reprimand him for his tasteless joke but they told me I was 'stupid' for believing him in the first place. My mom said "didn't you know that your dad would be the one telling you if I died?"

Pardon me all to hell for being a nine year old without the life experiences and sophistication to figure out something like that and for being so naïve.

I guess we all have issues.

Friday, April 1, 2011

A Day in Court

Our legal writing class assigned us to observe one hour of a trial court at a civil or criminal trial. We've had all semester to do this but I waited until now to finally do it. We have two more weeks but I put this off long enough. I went to a local courthouse and observed four cases. All but one pleaded guilty. The fourth pleaded no contest. All but one were inmates at the county jail.

  1. One guy stole checks from his girlfriend while she was in jail. He wrote $1400 of bad checks. He plead no contest.
  2. Another guy , an electrician, stole a client's credit card at a job he was doing at her house.
  3. A woman bought a car using a check from bank account that had been closed-out by the bank a month before the car purchase. She said she was expecting some settlement money in the range of $100,000 and thought the money would be there.
  4. The fourth guy stole a bottle of Courvosier at a liquor store. The guy came from NY to attend his mother's funeral last summer and has not left since. The prosecutor told the judge the defendant's lengthy list of priors. However, the prosecutor wasn't seeking the maximum penalty of 5 years. "It wasn't the crime of the century" he said. The court knew this guy had mental issues and probably wanted to get this guy back to NY and out of their hair. I'm sure the defendant felt the same way.