Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Dodo & People Food

Dodo loves people food and can be quite pushy trying to get some. I was down in Raleigh visiting the other day. I had cooked a Red Baron Deep Dish pizza. They are surprisingly good. Dodo thought so too. As I sat down in the living room, Dodo ran into the living room from the foyer and jumped on the couch right beside me. He stared at me and cried.

He wanted that pizza and even took a step within inches of the slice in my hand. I tore off  pepperoni and placed it beside him. He ate it all. I did it again and again. Everytime, Dodo wanted more and more. When I was down to the crust, I put it beside him, and he licked the sauce off the crust but left the crust alone.

Dodo also like ice cream. He also like the filling in Twinkies and choclolate eclairs. He loves hamburgers. He can eat 1/4 of a burger in one sitting. He does prefer I  mash up the burger before serving it to him. It makes it easer for him to eat.

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