Saturday, April 16, 2011

Reality Update

American Idol

Paul finally got the boot. It took long enough but it happened. Unfortunately, Pia cannot come back. But don't worry about her. Two days after American Idol got rid of her, she signed a deal with a record company. I think the next guy to go will be Casey.

Real Housewives of New York

RHW NY introduced a new cast member (Cindy) to replace Bethenny. Cindy seems a little off-beat but in a good way. The way she looks reminds me of an older version of Martha Davis from The Motels.

Bethenny may have more baggage than the "lost and found" at Newark International but she's nice to look at and had a kickin' body. I don't think Cindy will not be as needy as Bethenny. I checked LexisNexis, and Cindy is 47 but has no criminal record.

And I have to agree with the RHW NY cast members' consensus about the "Sonja Portrait." It wasn't very flattering. She had hallowed out eyes and looked like a heroin addict.

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