Saturday, April 2, 2011

Worst April Fool's Joke

I wasn't quite 9 there, but that is the kitchen where the joke was played.

Yesterday was April Fool's Day. I thought of a prank my brother played on me in 1978. My mom had cancer and recently had surgery. I was in the kitchen alone eating breakfast when my brother walked in.

  • He asked "Did you hear what happened to Mama?"
  • "No" I said.
  • "She died."
  • She wasn't dead and he said "April Fool's."

When I told my parents what my brother did, not only did they not reprimand him for his tasteless joke but they told me I was 'stupid' for believing him in the first place. My mom said "didn't you know that your dad would be the one telling you if I died?"

Pardon me all to hell for being a nine year old without the life experiences and sophistication to figure out something like that and for being so naïve.

I guess we all have issues.

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