Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Dixie On Ice

The "winter storm" was a dud. Instead of snow, we got freezing rain and sleet. Though the wintry mix stuck to the ground and glazed everything, ice is not nearly as fun as snow.

Doodle still hasn't seen snow accumulation. However, we did get a few flakes thrown in the mix. Dixie tried to capture a few snowflakes with her mouth. As cute as that was, snow accumulation would have been better.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

"Peak"-ing is a City in China

Archie peaking over the table
I know the capital of China is "Beijing" and not "Peking" like it was called when I was a kid.

I snapped that photo when Archie lifted his head during a nap to see where everyone was. If we are in our places, then he feels comforted and goes back to sleep. But if no one is around, he gets lonely, stands up and finds where everyone is at.

Friday, January 18, 2013


Dixie (l); Archie (r)
I bet there will be viewers who think that these dogs were about to tear each other apart. Also, those people would believe that instead of breaking apart an impending fight, I instead picked up a camera to take a picture. It's amazing how many people lack commonsense.

They really were playing. They were all bark and no bite.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Exhibition of the Accomplishments of Expensive Dog Training

This is where the plate for the cat's food should be.

This is where I found the plate
Once again, Dixie has helped herself to the cat's food. Despite the food being on the counter far from the edge, Doodle can stretch that body of hers to get the plate. I imagine the cat food tastes yummy because of the effort Dixie has to go through to get it. This is what expensive dog training gets you in the Raleigh area nowadays.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Judging a Book By Its Cover
Yes, Law Professors Do That

Dear gentle readers who read this blog for the law school content (as opposed to those who read the content about pets) law school professors do judge a book by its cover. We are told not to determine who and what a person is by what he wears or how he looks. But trust me, this goes on all the time, even in law school.

For example, in the last week of class, my criminal procedure professor saw me hanging around a classroom. The previous class had run past its scheduled end time, so I milled around the hallway with my classmates waiting for the room to open. The professor, whose office is just a couple of door down from that classroom, saw me, waived and initiated a conversation with me. It was the first time we had spoken to each other that semester.

She wanted to know how things were going for me and in particular, criminal procedure. I gave some pat answers. But when we went into detail, I mentioned that there were some cases I did not like which pissed me off such as Terry and Wardlow. She seemed surprised. She actually said that she thought I'd be conservative, "on the right."

I was taken aback she would say something like that out loud. I responded by saying that for the most part, I am conservative, "you should ask my environmental law professor." (What was funny about that remark is that I latter found out that her husband is an environmental lawyer.) I told her what other viewpoints I had and she said that I sounded more like a libertarian. Who knows.

But, people do indeed judge a book by its cover, even law professors.

The irony of this story is that minutes after my professor said that I "looked" conservative, I gave a presentation on a paper in which I took the same side of an issue as the ACLU and Greenpeace.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

A Pretty White Cat on a Pink Pillow

In another bout of eccentricity, my mom bought a fluffy pillow specifically for the purpose of the cat laying on it on the porch. He hangs out in the porch quite a bit, so my mom thought it would be nice for him to be as comfortable as possible.

Dodo loves that pink pillow. [I realize the pillow may not be exactly 'pink' but that is what it looks like to me] He especially loves to lie there when it's cool, somewhere around 40 degrees. If it's too cold, he wants to come in. If it's too warm, then the pillow will be too hot. Besides, in warmer weather, he wants to sit all the way outside to guard against the interlopers prowling around.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Advice to 0Ls On How to Address Female Law School

When you are called on in your first year (and you will be called on), make sure to address your female professors as "ma'am." She will appreciate the show of respect and the deference. Trust me, they will really like it.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Media Bias? What Media Bias?
WRAL and the Gov. McCrory "Promise Tracker"

WRAL has set up a Gov. McCrory "Promise Tracker" in a prominent place on its website. Funny, I don't remember seeing a campaign promise accountability initiative for Gov. Bev Perdue, or even President Obama. Why not? What is the difference between McCrory and Perdue/Obama that would warrant such a different and more aggressive news coverage on McCrory in contrast to Perdue/Obama? I'll let the gentle readers figure that one out.

I especially loved how WRAL shutdown any viewer comments. What a  bunch of chickenshit cowards.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

A Mexican Standoff

Archie, left. Dixie, right.
That bone is driving them both crazy. Archie wants it. Dixie has it. But Dixie cannot enjoy it because if she takes her eye off of Archie for a moment, he will pounce on her and take the bone. Dixie knows Archie is a lot bigger than her.

The photos cannot capture Dixie's growling whenever Archie merely looked in her direction.

Friday, January 4, 2013

Archie trying to get through the cat door

Archie trying to get through the cat door

We bought a gate with special cat-door in it and placed it by the french doors in the living room. The cat can now go in the living room without us having to open the door for him. Dodo likes to sit in the living room in peace and quiet without the dogs hassling him. He likes the solitude.

We also don't have to open the door when he wants to leave. Before the gate was installed, he would sit by the door, look up at us when we passed by and cry at us. Now he can get out whenever he feels like it.

One problem is when I watch TV in the living room. The babies do not like to be separated from me. They will sit by the gate and cry and whine to get in. Archie will try to get in through the cat door without success. He's too big.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Random Thought:
True Blood, Vampires and Tattoos

I had a random thought pop in my head when I was recently watching True Blood. If vampires "auto-heal" when injured (unless they meet their true death), does that mean that a vampire cannot get a tattoo?

And if vampires cannot get new tattoos, does that mean the ones any do have were acquired when they were still human?

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Has the Veil of Anonymity Been Pierced?

There is a chance that people at my school may know who the author of this blog is. In other words, my blog may no longer be anonymous except to a handful of friends, family and internet friends.

I had to give a 30min talk on my last day of my upper-level writing course. I tried setting up my slides on the classroom computer so the images could be displayed by a projector linked to the classroom computer. Most people simply uploaded their slides on their gmail account. But not me, I had to be special. [I didn't know how to do that.]

I tried using a flash drive but the classroom computer could not read it. I was frustrated as hell at this point and sweating like I was in a sauna, which makes me even more nervous and more sweaty. I've gone quite a ways with my issues with public speaking but some vestiges of that fear lingers on, sweating being one of them from time to time. So, the flash drive was not working, but my professor suggested I directly link my laptop to the class-computer. This is where the anonymity problems appeared.

The direct-link/computer-to-computer idea worked. What I did not know was that whatever was on my screen would appear on the screen for the projector.

The computer took a couple of minutes to boot-up, but once it did, a 5-ft picture of my white cat showed up on the screen. My background on my laptop is a photo of my cat. Several of my classmates thought he was adorable.

Then I started to open the file where my powerpoint slides are: Libraries--> Documents --> 3L, etc. While I was at the "Documents" screen, quite a few files and documents appeared: 1L, 2L, 3L, "personal". But towards the bottom was a Word document: "Abby and Andy Blog."

Did anyone see it? It is possible. For example, when I was at the "3L" folder, my prof commented on the various files in my "Wills and Trust" folder. That does not mean anyone saw the "Abby and Andy Blog" document. But there is always that chance.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

At the stroke of midnight, Dixie jumped into my arms

The fireworks at the start of the new year scared Doodle quite a bit. But she didn't really jump into my arms. She tried to climb into my lap while I was seated at a chair.