Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Has the Veil of Anonymity Been Pierced?

There is a chance that people at my school may know who the author of this blog is. In other words, my blog may no longer be anonymous except to a handful of friends, family and internet friends.

I had to give a 30min talk on my last day of my upper-level writing course. I tried setting up my slides on the classroom computer so the images could be displayed by a projector linked to the classroom computer. Most people simply uploaded their slides on their gmail account. But not me, I had to be special. [I didn't know how to do that.]

I tried using a flash drive but the classroom computer could not read it. I was frustrated as hell at this point and sweating like I was in a sauna, which makes me even more nervous and more sweaty. I've gone quite a ways with my issues with public speaking but some vestiges of that fear lingers on, sweating being one of them from time to time. So, the flash drive was not working, but my professor suggested I directly link my laptop to the class-computer. This is where the anonymity problems appeared.

The direct-link/computer-to-computer idea worked. What I did not know was that whatever was on my screen would appear on the screen for the projector.

The computer took a couple of minutes to boot-up, but once it did, a 5-ft picture of my white cat showed up on the screen. My background on my laptop is a photo of my cat. Several of my classmates thought he was adorable.

Then I started to open the file where my powerpoint slides are: Libraries--> Documents --> 3L, etc. While I was at the "Documents" screen, quite a few files and documents appeared: 1L, 2L, 3L, "personal". But towards the bottom was a Word document: "Abby and Andy Blog."

Did anyone see it? It is possible. For example, when I was at the "3L" folder, my prof commented on the various files in my "Wills and Trust" folder. That does not mean anyone saw the "Abby and Andy Blog" document. But there is always that chance.

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