Saturday, October 9, 2010

Summer has faded...

And so have my classmates tans. (Mine too.) People don't seem as cheerful now either compared to orientation days. Will we ever get them back? As for me, I developed my first real tan last summer after many years of pasty whiteness.

The assignments are building up, and reading assignments have accelerated to the point where my tv viewing time is affected. I remember October in my first semester in grad school. School work accelerated in that month. I remember  I had a 3 hour physical organic test one night, a physical chemistry exam the next morning, and then the next day, I had to proctor a general chemistry exam. As bad as that was, in early November, our physical organic professor had the bright idea of having exams on Sunday so we could take even longer to finish our exams and we wouldn't have any scheduling conflicts. That sucked the big one.

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