Thursday, June 24, 2010

Rain Rain Go Away

Abby learned early in her life that a rainy day meant no play, or at least outside. She had many ways of asking me to go outside such as staring at the front door, standing by my seat and looking away from me or simply barking at me and running to the door. However when it was raining, she knew better than to ask to go out. She would go out briefly during rainy days to go to the bathroom, did her business as quickly as possible, didn’t dillydally around and went right back inside. This is not to say Abby was happy about her predicament. She had her ways of conveying her mood to me. On rainy days when she wanted to go out but couldn’t, she would pout, mope around, lie on the floor pointing towards the window and cut her eyes at me like I had something to do with it raining.

During one four day stint in this two week vacation period, it rained solidly and continuously. I tried to vent Abby’s pent up energy by engaging in play activities inside, but after the fourth day, Abby had enough. When I let her out for a bathroom break, she not only refused to go back inside, she grabbed a Frisbee or a rope and demanded my attention and that I play with her outside. We played fetch and had a few rounds of tug-o-war while we became drenched in the rain. This improved her spirits afterwards, and she wasn’t so antsy and irritable as she had been on the preceding three days.

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  1. I have to think it lifted your spirits, too, even in the downpour!