Saturday, March 31, 2012

Someone's Knocking at the Door
Somebody's Ringing the Bell

The Keyhole 

I don't think anyone knows about the Paul McCartney song I'm referring to but the song came to mind last night when the cops knocked on my neighbor's door at 3am. My neighbors can be loud and annoying at times, but after 11 at night, they almost always tone things down. I can be quite forgiving unless someone interferes with my sleep-time. Then I get pissed and annoyed. Last night was one of those moments.

In a hazy state, I was almost fully in REM sleep when I heard a knock so loud that I thought someone was knocking on my door. I dozed off. A minute later, the bastards knocked again, even louder. After the third knock, I grew agitated, got up and took a peek out of my peep-hole. I was close to calling the cops. Had I been 20 years younger when I was much more high-strung, I would have simply opened the door and cussed their asses out.

The knockers were the cops. Since I was up, I thought I watch this play out. They knocked one last time and shouted out "police."  What they did next shocked and disturbed me.

One cop reached down to the door lock with an object in hand, put it in the lock, opened the door and walked in. Did the cops have a search warrant? Are any of the residents on parole? Did the cops have an arrest warrant for any of the residents?

I don't know. About a minute after the cops went in and searched the unit, somebody went upstairs and asked what was going on or if their place had been broken in to. The cops asked them to go inside where they could talk some more.

End of story.

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