Sunday, August 26, 2012

Dodo Leaves His Mark

Within a few days, Dodo left footprints on on the carpet and on some steps. One is already gone but the other is going to stick around a while.

Dodo walked on my carpet in the bedroom soon after I vacuumed. I could see his footprints when I walked into my bedroom. Surprisingly, Dodo was still in the room. Now that the babies are here, Dodo rarely goes in my bedroom because it's so far in the back and he doesn't want to get trapped by the monsters.

Dodo also walked on wet paint and left footprints on the nearby steps where the painting was. I saw those paint-prints as I was leaving soon after the paint job was done. I have to admit that I thought the pawprints were cute. I could just envision a defiant Dodo walking on the wet paint and growing irritated at the stickiness. He stayed out of the porch after that for a few days. He may have been irritated by the situation.

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