Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The Handsome Fella Is Home Doing Well

Archie just hours after his eye surgery

I took Archie to the vet where he underwent surgery to treat his glaucoma.

The Trip Over

We fasted Archie starting at midnight. We also had to keep Dixie outside or else taking Archie to the car alone would have been damned near impossible. Nevertheless, Dixie glimpsed our departure when she went to the side of the yard closest to the driveway. She whined and had a doleful look on her face. When she did go back inside a few minutes after we drove off, Dixie ran around the house looking for us and cried.

Other than that, the trip over was smooth and uneventful.


Check-in went quickly. Other than signing a consent form, there was no paper work. And I didn't have to play "20 Questions" with the receptionist.

I could see that Archie was scared. He had a "narrow stance" in his hind-legs and his tail was tucked between them. He had also lowered his rump a little. Not helping matters was one of the dogs barking at Archie. Thankfully, the owner kept his dog under control and away from Archie.

Before I had a chance to sit down, a vet-tech appeared to take Archie in the back.


About 5 hours later, a vet employee called me to say Archie would be ready to go home. Our window was from 3:15 until 6 pm. I picked him up as soon as I could.

I was able to sit when I went to get Archie. A vet-tech came from the back and went over the instructions on what to do and when. She kept looking at the top of my head like she thought it was a toupee. She handed over Archie's pain pills and instructed me to settle up the bill at the receptionist's desk, after which she would bring me Archie.

Archie was happy and wagging his tail. I didn't need to prod him to go out. He went straight for the exit. I opened the door from the lobby to the ante-room, but before I could open the door from the ante-room to the parking lot, Archie pushed the door open. Goddamn if that wasn't cute.

He acted like he wanted to go to the bathroom but didn't go when I led him to some grass. After he lollygagged around, I brought him to the car and let him jump in. Overall, he seemed OK but a little sleepy.

However, on the ride back home, Archie started whining. I thought he was in pain, poor baby.

But when I let him out of the car, he trotted straight from the side of the house to his "spot"  in the front yard. I paced behind him keeping him in my vision the whole time. With Archie, I feel comfortable letting him run free in the front yard. Unlike Dixie who will run wild out front, Archie knows his boundaries and stays within them.

Archie made it to his spot and peed, a lot. Though he was in pain on the trip back, the post-surgical recovery wasn't what hurt him. It was his bladder and bowels. He really had to go.

We went in the front door instead of the side door as we usually do. My mom and Dixie greeted him. The babies started playing immediately. Archie is doing well so far.

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