Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The Babys' Vocabulary

Here is a list of words that the babies know/knew. They were smart babies, and there were some words that they knew so well that we had to spell the word so as not to draw attention to what was going to happen or agitate them, words such as ‘play’ or ‘shower.’ I think this is an exhaustive list, but if I remember more at a later time, I will update the list accordingly. I did not include the list of nicknames I had for them. Surprisingly, the babies would respond to their nicknames as well. There were some words that were simply not uttered such as ‘vet’ or ‘veterinarian’. Going to the vet could be a challenge and we didn’t want to make the trip any worse by having them sit in torment on the way over. It was better to let them simply think they were going ‘bye bye’ and then let them figure out where they were going after it was too late for them to balk at going on the trip.

As promised, here they are.

• Abby
• Andy
• Father
• Gary
(My mom’s name)
(My cousin’s name)
• Front
• Play
• Pee pee
• Nighty
• Walk
• Downtown
• Bye bye
• Water
• Watey
• Sit
• Stay
• Come
• Spank
• Stop
• No
• Getty
• Toy
• Ball
• New toy
• Left (Andy)
• Right (Andy)
• Who is that?
• Get up
• Get down
• Shower
• Kissy
• Swim
• Poo poo
• Squirrel
• Nikki
• Kitty cat
• Tooty
• huggy

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