Thursday, August 19, 2010

Orientation: Day 1

The first day of orientation is over. Although the temperature wasn’t that high, the weather was sweltering outside because of the dreadful humidity. By the time I walked from the visitor’s parking lot to the law building, I was sweating like a whore in church. It was awful and embarrassing. The first day wasn’t simply a meet-n-greet. We received our student ID’s, carrel assignment and key, and we set up our laptops so we could access the law school’s wireless internet system. The instructions for setting up the software went surprisingly smoothly. A group of 3 or 4 1L’s had lunch with a 2L or 3L somewhere off campus. We had Mexican which I enjoyed. It’s hard to go wrong with that choice unless there is a royal pain in the ass vegan type in the group, but fortunately that wasn’t the case. All of us in our lunch group went to UNC undergrad. Coincidence? I think not!

After the end of the day 1 orientation, I went to my carrel not to study but to surf the net. I still don’t have an internet connection at home and am not sure if I will get at my apartment. After checking my emails, chatting on a forum and catching up on my favorite blogs, I packed my belongings and went to the book store to buy my case books. As I was searching for my text books, an older man searching the law texts greeted me and picked out a book from what looked like a class for a 2L or 3L. Surely this guy isn’t a student? Then again, I’ve heard of people well into their 60s enter law school.

I couldn’t find the last book I needed, The Blue Book. I asked the guy if he knew where they were. He said sure and further added that if I had time to go back to his office, he would give me a Blue Book for free. I said “For a free book, I’ll make the time!” It turns out the guy was a law professor, and he receives freebies from publishers such as The Blue Book. I went to his office and picked up the book. That’s a $50 savings, people!

He then gave me some studying advice in preparation for a law school exam. The advice was in accordance with similar advice I’ve heard from other professors, lawyers and law students. I thanked the professor for the gift and went on my way.


  1. how exciting!! starting off with a free book isn't bad, hopefully the rest of your law school experience will follow suit. i look forward to reading about your journey!

  2. Woohoo! Free stuff! Congrats on the first day!