Friday, August 27, 2010

Public v. Private: A Quick Comparison

After two days of classes, here are a few quick comments on some differences between a private school and a public one. First, there is the matter of alcohol. At this private school, not only is alcohol served on campus, but it is sold on campus. I’m not even sure if serving alcohol is allowed on any of the UNC System schools. I could imagine the hissy fit a legislature would have from some Podunk district in eastern NC. I’m sure the Raleigh News & Observer would have a week long expository about the sinful alcohol sold at the ‘pure’ UNC and the damaging effect it’s having on ‘the children.’
Then there is the matter of food. I don’t know if this is solely a function of it being a private school or a private law school, but there is free food all the time. If properly planned, a student could go for weeks at a time without having to buy his/her own lunch because of all the freebies on campus.

Lastly there is the matter of the gym. My god that thing is nice as hell. I paid over $60/mo for my gym membership in NJ and it didn’t come close to the hours and quality this school’s gym provides. This gym is really nice.

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