Friday, August 19, 2011

Abby Kept Away From Me

I remember Abby's reaction when I opened my bedroom door after studying for an hour or so and realizing Abby was just outside my door waiting for me. I don't remember exactly when this story took place. It must have been in my third year in grad school but I don't know what I was studying for. I did take one class in my third year, Heterocycles, but I only took it pass/fail so I didn't study as hard for it had I taken the class for a grade. Abby was less than a year old.

Nevertheless, I was back in my room studying by myself. After an hour or so, I took a break and low and behold, Abby was sitting immediately by my door loyally waiting for me. I looked down at Abby and her whole body started to wiggle because she was wagging her tail so hard. The look on her face can best be described as "happy." It seemed like her eyes were smiling. She was so happy to see me. I didn't realize she wanted to see me or else I would have let her in.

From then on, I kept my door slightly cracked so Abby could come in and see me. I felt bad she was alone by her baby-girl-self. I thought she was so sweet the way she missed me so much.

What distinguished that moment from many others in Abby's puppy days was the realization that I was more to Abby than her plaything or occasional caretaker. She missed me and was becoming attached to me.

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