Thursday, August 11, 2011

Abby Wouldn't Wear Two Leashes

Before I explain how I knew Abby would not wear two leashes, I'll give a background on our walking routine. Normally, I initiated the process by asking them if they wanted to "go walk" or "go pee-pee." Almost everytime, the Babies would hurry down the hall towards the door. While they were waiting for me, I'd put on my shoes. If it was cold, a coat; and if it was raining, a hat. I'd grab the leashes resting on the bookcase along with my keys and put the leashes on the Babies.

The Babies learned not to fidget when I put the choke collar on. I'd slip it over their heads, after which, we would go out the door and on our way. Normally, the event went off without any hitches unless a neighbor caught me talking to the Babies or something like that.

However, I have a tendency to be absent minded. I've put the milk in the kitchen cabinets or dirty dishes in the bathroom sink. Stuff like that. It was during one of these pre-walk routines when my absent mindedness surfaced and Abby snapped me back to reality.

Forgetting about putting a leash on Abby, I tried to put a second leash on her, but she moved her head to the side. I tried again. Abby moved her head down. On the third try, she turned her head around. She would not let me put on the second leash-absolutely refused.

I became agitated at this point and gave Abby a direct order to stay still. I realized then that she already had a leash on. In her own way, she was trying to tell me. What amazed me was that she knew something was different and out of place. Abby was smart enough to not only realize something was wrong but she found a way to tell me about it.

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