Friday, April 13, 2012

Archie's a Hero

Archie most likely saved Dixie's life last weekend. My brother came up from Atlanta to visit my mom for Easter and brought Dixie, the puppy I gave him for Christmas or at least 3/4, my mom paid the rest.

Archie can swim now but Dixie cannot. She sinks. My mom said she probably doesn't have her undercoat yet and subsequently gets waterlogged when she gets in the pool.

My brother had let the two babies out to play while he stayed inside. Sometime later, my brother could hear Archie barking like mad. Archie has a big-boy bark now. He no longer yaps or whines like a puppy.

Archie kept barking and barking much to the annoyance of my brother. When he went outside, he saw his girl clinging for dear life to the edge of the pool. Not only can Dixie not swim, but she does not know how to get to the pool steps to get out. My mom had trained Archie to go to the steps in the times he has fallen  in the pool. A lesson he learned well because during that time, Archie had gotten in the pool but had made it to the steps and got out.

Dixie may have drowned that day. That little boy is a hero!

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