Saturday, April 14, 2012

Impersistence of Memory

The other day, I heard some fellow students say things like "I haven't started studying yet" or "I only have a week to learn all this."

While they said this I thought to myself "If I haven't learned this by now, I'm never going to." By now, I'm fine-tuning what I do know. There is no way in hell I could cram for a law school final. I have to study at a steady drip instead of a torrential deluge.

Their young minds are like little sponges , readily absorbing everything. My mind is like an over-packed suitcase before a 2 week trip to Cancun that needs someone to sit on it while a second person zips the thing shut. I'll get it all in there but it will take more time and effort than my younger counterparts.

Put another way, their minds download  info at GHz: mine at kHz.

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