Tuesday, July 17, 2012

As They Say, I'm Counting My Blessings
(Kids Drown in River Near Where I Once Swam)

Where Andy and I Swam: boulders towards the left.

Area Where Kids Drowned

A couple of kids drowned in the Neuse River just hundreds of yards where Abby, Andy and I had gone swimming years ago. Like those kids, we encountered problems in that river but unlike those kids, we escaped with our lives.

I don't know what the river looked like when those kids got in. I can bet that they were deceived by the river's calm tranquility as we were. On the surface, the river in our area has no turbulence and few ripples. The water flows smoothly and easily beside the greenway.

I found out how deceiving that river is. So did those kids. I remember the helplessness of when that river current swept me yards down-steam. But the moment lasted just a few seconds although I could easily describe it in several pages. I distinctly remember thinking "Go with the flow" and "Don't swim against the current." I knew that if I swam perpendicular to the current, I'd make it out.

I worried most about Andy. But he was a smart dog and took guidance well; but he was still a dog. Although he tried to swim back to me when he got caught in the current, he could not, meaning he was unable. Before he tired out and he was starting to tire and panic, I pointed him to the bank. I am so proud of him to this day that he knew what I meant and did what I asked. He swam to the river bank and got out.

After reading the story about those kids drowning near where I had once swam, I don't look back on that moment with Andy with fondness. We were damned lucky to have both made it out alive.

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