Friday, July 6, 2012

Routine Check-Up at the Vet

In exam room. Archie(l), Dixie(r)
The Trip to the Vet

Not much happened, thankfully. However, I did have to pick up Dixie and put her in the car. Archie hopped up on his own into the car. They sat or stood in the hatchback part which was folded down to make ample room for them.


It took all my strength to keep them from getting away from me after they got out of the car. Actually, I lost hold of Dixie's leash. So, I had to grab her tail and pull her back before she darted off to the far-yonder. As heavy handed as it sounds, I had to do it because she sure as hell wasn't listening to my verbal command. That girl can be so damned stubborn. I wasn't going to have her running all over Knightdale.

In the Lobby

Dixie wanted to play with every living creature in that lobby. All Archie wanted to do was play with Dixie or lay down but he mostly just kicked it. On the other hand, Dixie was barking at the people behind the counter. What she wanted from them, I'll never know.

To the Back

The vet-tech called out Archie and Dixie's names. Dixie responded by jumping on the woman and licking her. Even Archie may have jumped on her. Before going to the exam room, the vet-tech weighed the babies. Archie tucked his tail and begrudgingly got on the scales. I have no idea why he is scared of the scales. Dixie got weighed with no problems, that is if you don't consider 60lbs a problem for such a small boned dog. She has gotten a  little chubby in the last month and a half, gaining over 13lbs. Archie weighed in at 68. I thought for sure he'd be in the mid 70's. He has such big paws.

In the Exam Room

They had a wellness exam and some routine shots. I told the vet about their problems. Both of them are scratching a whole lot. The scratching has taken a toll on their skin with them having a few raw spots. The vet couldn't say why they were itching so much, although Archie had a few fleas but Dixie did not. The vet prescribed some prednisone to alleviate the itching. Now these dogs are going to drink like a fish and piss like a racehorse.

While the vet was giving me advice on how to take care of the flea situation, the babies put on a show. The rolled on the floor, wrestled with each other, bared their teethies , barked and cried.

One of the things the vet said to do was vacuum everyday. "This is great", I thought, "telling my OCD mother to vacuum would be like telling Dean Martin to drink."


The bill was a whopper, over $400. While we were waiting for the bill at the lobby desk, a couple of dogs went to the back. Dixie went nuts trying to greet those dogs. She's a very social girl.

Before I let the dogs in the car, I opened the hatchback. Unlike on the trip over, Dixie got in the car all by her babygirl self. Dixie and Archie jumped in the car at the same time, almost as if they were mirror images of  each other. If there were such an event as "Synchronized Dog Jumping" they would have gotten a "10".


  1. You should have brought the vibrating collar.

  2. That broke, but we have a shock collar now.