Tuesday, July 31, 2012

We're Going With Curtain Number 3
The Intravitreal Injections

On August 15th, I will take Archie to the Animal Eye Care center to treat his glaucoma. We have chosen the intravitreal injection, "Option 3". The active ingredient, gentocin, will kill the fluid producing cells in his eye that have caused the pressure build-up in his injured eye. No more fluid production; no more pressure build-up.

I hope this doesn't hurt him. The vet will sedate Archie for the procedure. What I'm worried about is the post-surgical response to this treatment. I don't know if Archie's eye will hurt in the following days after the injection.

And there is no guarantee the injection will work: just 85%. But even if this doesn't work, we can always have the eye removed. I want to try to save Archie's eye before we take more drastic measures.

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