Saturday, November 20, 2010

Muhammed Ali & Law School

A few years ago, I read a biography on Muhammed Ali written by Thomas Hauser. The author interviewed one of Ali's opponents (I forgot the name). The opponent commented on Ali's punching power. Ali was not known for his power such as Liston, Foreman or Tyson were. However, many of Ali's fights ended in KO's.

The opponent remarked that after taking his first hit from Ali, he thought "This isn't so bad. I can take this guy." He said after a few rounds of relentless punching, he couldn't take it any more. Those hits added up.

In some ways, my being in law school has been like that. The information at the start wasn't so bad or complex. I thought "I can do this." However, after a few months of this, the info adds up, and now my legs are wobbly, and I'm trying my best to finish this fight.

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