Sunday, December 26, 2010

Hot Damn, It Snowed!

It's hard to believe that four months ago we were swimming in that pool in hundred degree weather.

All day long yesterday, the meteorologists were predicting snow. By 6pm, I was beginning to think that this was yet another false alarm. I've cynically thought that even if there were the slightest chance of snow that the weather forecasters would gin it up in the hopes of generating as much viewership as possible. They dole out those winter storm alerts to us the way a crack dealer gives out free samples to entice potential users. All they have to do is say 'snow' and we are hooked. We hunker down and start a 'weather vigil' changing channels from ABC, CBS, NBC, The Weather Channel and even News14 for the Carolinas. In between all that, we constantly glance out of the windows trying to glimpse the first flake.

By nightfall, I was irritated. These meteorologists were messing with my emotions. Greg Fishel kept telling us "This is for real. It will come. Trust me." I was like "whatever." That man especially has been known to cry wolf. He's from PA, loves snow and lets his hopes and wishes color his objectivity in his snow forecasts.

Low and behold, right before midnight, it started snowing. I guess in the strictest technical sense, we got a White Christmas! By noon today, we got about 9" in all. This storm was weird in that areas further east got a little more snow than us. I'm just happy we got what we did.

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