Monday, December 27, 2010

The Price of Love
Vet Bill Costs

That kind of cuteness made me weak.
This Yahoo article reminded me of how much I've spent on the babies healthcare in the last 14 years. I won't go into detail about the babies trips to the vet or their ailments here. Between Abby's tumor removals and ACL repair, Father's heartworm treatments and Andy's back surgery along with their regular exams, the vet bills have racked up to well over $20,000 for the babies.

For most of the surgeries, I didn't have to think too long before I gave the approval. However with the ACL and back surgery, I had to delve a little further to find out what the success rate was for those types of surgeries, how success was measured and what the recovery would involve.

Ultimately, I am glad they had those surgeries. The surgeries extended their lives and improved the quality of their lives. On the other hand, that $20k compounded with interest would come in real nicely right now!

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