Thursday, December 23, 2010


By the time Abby was four, she had taken on the air of the grand matriarch among the dogs. She was the leader and unquestionably the alpha. However, when Nikki came around, Abby reverted to her puppy ways. Abby deferred to Nikki and acknowledged Nikki’s status as her senior.

It was always funny to see how goofy Abby would act around Nikki. She would act frisky and try to entice Nikki into playing with her. Sometimes Nikki would but she did so begrudgingly. Nikki would whine a little and make teethies at her. Nikki was not mean to Abby, but it was her way of keeping Abby in her place.

As far as Father and Andy were concerned, Nikki couldn’t stand them. I think Andy was scared of her. Father’s feeling about Nikki was mutual—he hated her too. I was always worried they would get into a fight. They may have had a few stand-offs but I don’t think they had any full fledged fights.

Nikki didn’t mind playing with Abby, but she did so on her terms and not Abby’s.


  1. Merry never quite respected the seniority of Cat, but she held her ground.

  2. Difficult to do as Merry is a he.