Friday, December 24, 2010

The Orange Cat

I never told the blogosphere about Orange Kitty. The Orange Kitty lives in a building diagonally from mine and across the street. The owner lets the cat roam free in the evening, and the cat will make her rounds around the apartment complex. On one evening, the cat crossed my path. She seemed friendly and looked well cared for. She is definitely not a stray. I looked at her collar and she has an ID tag which how I knew she lived where she does.

On the day we first met, she rubbed against me, let me pet her and then she ran up the stairs. I found it odd and even eerie she went straight to my door. Since I had moved in the apartment a few days before, it may have been possible that Dodo’s smell was still on me. Possibly the cat thought I had some friends with me, and she wanted to meet them.

When I made it to my door, she was standing right there. The moment I opened the door, she ran straight into my apartment. She didn’t even wait to be invited. She went through all the rooms. I worried about her going in my bedroom since I have a blow-up air mattress. The cat could have scratched a hole in the air mattress much like our cats in the 70’s scratched up our bean bags. I shooed the cat out of the bedroom, and she went into the kitchen. I gave her some turkey. She lapped it up readily and seemed to like it.

The cat wandered around the apartment a little. She didn’t like it when I tried to pick her up and put her in my lap. She didn’t like to be petted either. After a few minutes, I let her out and she went on her way. She visited me a couple of times more last semester. Sadly, that was the only pussy I had.

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