Monday, February 14, 2011

Taking One For the Team

We were about to go over the Slaughterhouse cases when the professor asked for volunteers. Not a peep from the crowd was heard. The prof said "OK, I guess I'll go to the role." Well, guess whose name pops up?

I raised my hand. He paused and looked at me. It has been less than a month since I carried a big case. He recognized me, and then asked the class "has there been anyone who has not been called on?" Pause and silence. Then he asked "has there been anyone whose voice I have not heard?"

And before I knew it, a miracle happened! A student raised her hand and admitted that she had not participated in class yet. She didn't have to do it, but she did anyway. I don't think anyone would have known any better. She took me off the hook. She answered the questions better than I would have.

Who said law students were all cut-throat backstabbers?

Anyway, my turn cometh (again), and right soon!

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