Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Did Gus Fring Need Jesse or Walt?
A Thought on Breaking Bad

When I saw how closely Gus monitored Jesse and Walt with security cameras, I wondered how long it would take until Gus would have all the information needed to make the crystal meth using Walt's method but without Jesse or Walt making it themselves. I didn't pose this question  on any message boards because the peanut gallery would have responded with some shit-ass unproductive comments. But on "Face Off" (the season finale on Breaking Bad), my suspicion that Gus had enough information to reproduce Walt's "cook" was verified.

Jesse, under the watchful eye of an armed kidnapper, was back in the lab cooking a batch of crystal meth when the armed kidnapper gave an order to Jesse of what to do in the procedure. Jesse had just emptied a container of solvent in a vat when he eyed a long knife. Jesse paused to give thought of grabbing it and stabbing the gunman. It was then the gunman made a comment about Jesse cooking with a broken arm.

What the gunman said next supported my theory that the cameras preserved for posterity how to do Walt's method. The gunman said "next, open the C O 2." (carbon dioxide) "Funny," I thought, "this guy knows what Jesse should do next and when to do it."

It was only a matter of time until Gus no longer needed Jesse just as he had with Walt. Jesse was living on borrowed time had Walt not gone back to the laundromat.

The big question is if the cops or DEA will get hold of Gus's computer and any recordings from his surveilance.

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