Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Who the Fuck Doesn't Like a Treehouse???

A nameless, faceless anonymous tattle-tale in Fairfax Co., northern Virginia, that's who doesn't like a treehouse. A father built an awesome treehouse for his kids. The guy even called the permits office at the county government to see if approval was needed. The county worker said "No."

Weeks and hundreds of dollars later, the father finishes the house. That is when the anonymous complaint surfaced. I can only imagine who the complainer was. My guess is that it's some annoying little busy-body type. The type that either complains at all of the HOA meetings or even worse, sits on the HOA board and rules like a tyrant.

The treehouse did, indeed, violate a zoning ordinance, or at least that is what the zoning board stated. The father has an appeal at then end of November. He's got to win. We can't let those NIMBY bastards win another battle.

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