Friday, December 2, 2011

Therapy Dogs at School

This wasn't one of the dogs, but it is wearing something similar to what the dogs the other day were wearing.

(I do this at the risk of breaking my anonymity.)

The other day at school, there were a few dogs in the front lobby with their owners. They had on some vests or bibs, otherwise they were normal and pretty dogs. The owners allowed students to pet the dogs. Actually, I think the dogs were brought for that very purpose. The dogs were very well-mannered and gentle. I was surprised they got along with each other. They never barked, snarled or showed teethies at each other.

I later thought "Don't they bring therapy dogs to hospitals and nursing homes to cheer up the occupants?" It's one thing to bring in a pet to a captive audience to brighten an otherwise miserable day, but it's whole different matter to bring the dogs in to law students who are free to come and go as they feel.

Then I thought that whoever conjured up this idea thought that the law students were down-trodden, run-down, defective and broken people in need to some therapeutic treatment.

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