Sunday, February 19, 2012

Archie on the Pool Steps

Since it was warm on Saturday, I thought I'd see if Archie would enjoy standing in the water: he didn't. We were both on the steps so I took the chance and picked him up. As I lowered him into the pool, I could feel his chubby body start to stiffen and I could see his legs splayed in his futile attempt to avoid the water. I only put his paws in. Since it was apparent he wasn't ready yet, I put him back on the side.

I then tried to cajole him in instead of coercing him but didn't get anywhere with it. Archie, however, did show interest in me when I got on the top step. I could see his face focused on me and the steps. I further enticed him by stepping down on the second step. Archie grew even more interested. He reached his paw out to me as if he wanted to get to me or have me pick him up. After a moment, I stepped out of that cold water and let my numb feet warm up.

I think if the day were warmer, the water level a little higher so he wouldn't have to do down so far to get in or if I had gotten in all the way, Archie, too, would have gone in. He seems very interested in the pool.

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