Saturday, February 4, 2012

The Joker


That is one of the few nicknames Archie has. The poor thing was dropped by his mother (or so the owners say) when he was very little. He needed stitches and now has a scar and this little smirk on his left side of his face. I call it a sneer; others have said it looks like a smile. The vet in Virginia believes the scar and "smile" will go away, possibly completely, when Archie gets bigger.

My brother said Archie looks like the Phantom of the Opera. I also said we should put a patch on his eye and call him a pirate or Moshe Dayan. Regardless, he's a cute little bastard, but he does have sharp teethies.

My mom forgot what a hard project it was to train Abby. I guess she didn't read my blog because I chronicled in detail the difficulties we had raising Abby when she was a wild-ass little puppy. My mom forgets how damned aggressive Abby was. After spending a weekend with Abby, my arms would have cuts and whelps all up and down them from when Abby had bitten me, scratched me and jumped on me.

I say this because my mom has done nothing but bitch about the dog and how much work he has been. She has even thought about handing him over to me and have me take him to my place.

Talk about an ingrate.



    Your mom obviously forgot what it's like to raise children.