Friday, February 17, 2012

Justice Breyer Robbed
And so was the gun-control crowd

Recently, Justice Breyer was robbed but more importantly, the gun-control crowd was robbed as well. A machete-wielding thug robbed Breyer and his wife while they were vacationing in their home in the West Indies.   It's too bad the robber used a machete. Now the gun-control crowd can't scream like banshees about taking away our guns.They would have delighted standing atop on their righteous indignation about the backwood hill-billy hayseeds and their guns.

When the robber used a machete instead of a gun, it robbed the anti-gun people a chance of plastering such headlines as "ARMED GUNMAN ROBS JUSTICE BREYER." Instead, all we got was a tepid "Breyer robbed at West Indies vacation home."

This incident reminds me of a gun-control argument Archie Bunker and his daughter were having. After the daughter rattled off a statistic about how many people were killed by guns each year, Archie asked her "Would it make you feel better if they were pushed out of windows?"

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