Sunday, September 5, 2010

Русский язык

In my sophomore year in undergrad during the second semester, I had a scheduling conflict with my Russian IV and Calculus classes. They were both at the same time, and it looked like I was going to have to take either the Calculus course or Russian at my new school where I was about to transfer the following academic year. It's bad enough having to take such courses but to break up the series between two schools is even worse. I told my Russian teacher, who was actually Yugoslavian, and she gave me the option of 'challenging the course'. I would be able to take the final exam which would be my final grade.

"That sounds wonderful" I thought! So, I signed up for the Calculus course and 'challenged' the Russian course. Things went fine in January, February and March. I was bopping along at a nice and relaxed pace , but when April arrived, the reality of the totality of the exam hit me hard. To say I was fretting would be an understatement. I came close to a full blown panic. "My entire 90min exam...what the fuck?!!!!" I thought. Having one-shot at this set me on edge. I lived through it and vowed I'd never do it again.

Well, guess what, merry sunshine? I'm in law school, and my grades for all of my classes this semester will be determined solely by the final exams. I think in November I'm going to be a nervous wreck!

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  1. Oh man! That's unsettling, huh? :-) Study hard.