Tuesday, September 21, 2010

More Fun in Torts

Reading cases in torts always puts a smile on my face. In one case, an Iowa family 'protected' an uninhabited home they owned by placing a spring loaded shot gun aimed at the front door that would go off when an intruder went through the front door. Well, someone did break in, was shot and subsequently maimed. And yes, he sued that family's ass.

In a similar case in Ohio, a family protected their uninhabited home with dynamite! That definitely goes in the category of 'what the hell were they thinking?!'

So, what did I learn?

1)It's OK to protect people using violent force from intruders in a home.
2)It's NOT OK to protect property using violent force from intruders in a home.
3)In the Midwest, there are some crazy fuckers!


  1. HA! omg about the shotgun, though. Wow.

  2. too funny, the stuff my classmates and my self have come across in torts studying for our law degrees.

    Love the idea with the shotgun, straight out of a cartoon. Dynamite? I'd love to know how they rigged that up so as not to destroy the house in an attempt to deter tresspassers.