Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Poor Mrs. Schnible

I didn't think a civpro reading would be funny, but I am wrong. In describing the service of process in the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, a story is told about the unscrupulous Harry Grossman adroit at personally placing a summons in a defendant's hands. Obviously the bastard didn't make many friends, and the passage describes how defendants have "thrown him down a flight of stairs, shoved him off porches, and he was pinched, slapped, punched and kicked by scores of individuals, and was even beaten up one time by a family of seven."

In the story, the guy lures a widowed, little old lady aged 72 in the grips of the depression and had fallen behind in her mortgage payments and subsequently facing foreclosure. Ol' Harry lured her out of her home by yelling 'Fire', and so served was Mrs. Schnible.

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