Saturday, September 4, 2010

Pennoyer v. Neff
The Nef Reaction

The first case I read was Pennoyer v. Neff in civpro, and I was kind of excited. What a great segue this was going from chemistry to law by having the name of one of the parties in this case also sharing a surname of one of the many 'named reactions' in organic chemistry. There are so many cockamamie named reactions in organic chemistry and we are expected to know them all lest we look like idiots.

Other than the surname in common, there is nothing else similar between a case about personal jurisdiction where the court made a half-assed attempt to notify the defendant about the case and the conversion of a nitro alkane to a ketone. It reminds me of that scene in the Richard Pryor movie Moving when the movers in Idaho posted a note on the front door at Pryor's house after being over a day late, lightly knocking on the door and running back to the truck so they could go off and party.

I wonder how many times the association with the Pennoyer Case and the Nef Reaction have been made?

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