Saturday, September 11, 2010

Family Feud

Our generational pride and self-absorbance often leads us to think that what we have faced is unique and new to the whole of mankind. One would think after seeing a few episodes of Jerry Springer that our generation was the first ever to experience the dysfunctional family.

However, after I've read a few dozen cases, there have been some seriously screwed up families well before our time. There were sisters suing sisters; stepson v. stepmom; or even aunt v. niece. The combinations are limitless. By the time the case makes its way to an appeals court or even the Supreme Court, the story is a little stale and old, but I like to think of the discord and drama that must have went on while these conflicts were played out. I'm sure there were some sad stories out there, but I'd like to think of all the theatrics that may have taken place, and I smile a little inside.

My family is not Ozzie and Harriet, but it's not the Manson Family either. We're somewhere in between. Sure, our family has had our share of rowdy-dows, but never, ever has our problems become a federal issue!

It makes me feel a little better about myself and my life.


  1. If your civpro professor does his/her job right, you'll realize how costly and time consuming litigation is by the end of 1L year. You have to REALLY be cheesed off at your family member (or anyone) to take them to court.

  2. I'd have to set the bar pretty high before I'd take someone to court especially if I was using an attorney.