Sunday, January 22, 2012

The Ann Miller Story

It was a matter of time until one of the cable networks aired a high-profile story in the Triangle area about a woman working at Glaxosmithkline who killed her husband early last decade. Ann Miller (now Ann Miller Kontz) poisoned her husband with arsenic taken from her laboratory. How fucking dumb was that? It's about as dumb as someone killing his spouse just weeks after increasing that spouse's life insurance policy.

The show will be on an episode of Snapped on Oxygen. I thought Lifetime  Movie Network for Women would make a movie about it until I realized the story didn't fit their mold. On LMN, it's the man who does the screwing around and the killing. In this story, it was the woman screwing around and killing. In other words, the woman is not the victim but the victimizer.

Her husband was a cancer researcher at UNC. He was an All-American corn-feed white boy from the Midwest. You can't kill someone like that and think you're going to get away with it.

On the "degrees of separation" scale, I think I am  two degrees of separation from her (I knew someone who knew her). She had already killed her husband and moved to Wilmington by the time I started at GSK. It took the police a few years to put together a strong case against her which explains the gap between the murder and her arrest. I knew people who who worked with her on some projects at GSK. They said she was nice-looking then. It's a shame to see nice piece of ass taken off the market. I wouldn't be shocked if some dudes on the outside have proposed to her. I don't understand them but they are out there.

Ann Miller, welcome to a fine sorority of NC husband killers populated by the likes of Velma Barfield and Blanche Taylor Moore.

NC Women's Prison: Ann's Old Home. She has since been relocated.

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