Sunday, January 22, 2012

Random Thoughts:
Environmentalists Watching Bering Sea Gold or Gold Rush

I bet when environmentalists watch Bering Sea Gold or Gold Rush on the Discovery Channel, it's as painful to them as it is for me when I watch MSNBC. Watching the prospectors rape the shit out of the environment probably mortally wounds the Greenies (and understandably so). When I was watching the commercials for these Discovery Channel shows, the thought dawned on me that these shows must be as painful to an environmentalist as almost the whole MSNBC lineup is to me. Rachel Maddow's snide facial gestures irritate the hell out of me. I expect such passive-aggressive mannerisms from a middle-school teenager but not from a news commentator on a cable news program who has a PhD.

Who says conservatives don't have empathy?

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