Sunday, January 29, 2012

A Corollary to Murphy's Law

If there is a gap in your backyard fence, your puppy will find it.

Last night when I took the puppies out back, Dixie found a gap in the fence and went through it. She didn't get far since she sat down immediately after she went under the fence. I reached under the fence and pulled her back. Before I could herd them back in the house, Dixie went back for one more jaunt. Again, she didn't get far, but this time I yelled at her while getting her back in. I picked her up and took her back inside. Archie followed. He always goes where his sister does. Thankfully, his bad eyesight was a blessing since he wasn't able to see her leave the fence or else he would have gone with her.

Archie is in for a rude awakening on Monday when Dixie goes to the Heart of Dixie.

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  1. I want me some pictures of Archibald!!!!!!!