Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Random Thoughts:
Breaking Bad

The Crystal Palace

Gus's Protectors
The cartel was scared to kill, hurt or harm Gus. Who were these people? Will they show themselves after hearing about Gus's death?

Gus's Partners
Who were the people or companies that helped Gus get the lab equipment for the super meth lab? Hank briefly mentioned some shell companies or conglomerate when he was hot on the trail of Gale's murderers.

I'm going to go on a limb and say these guys have Eastern European connections.

Jane's Death
Will Walt ever spill the beans about Jane's death? My guess is "No" since the writers were teasing us about that subject in the episode The Fly and then slammed the door on the subject. But there is always a chance this ugly chapter Walt would like to forget opens back up. Jesse would go haywire if he found out the truth.

Brock's Poisoning
Jesse will go nuts if he found out Walt poisoned that kid and not Gus. Again, this is a case if Walt can keep a secret and not open his big mouth in a weak moment.

Law Enforcement and The Bomb Investigation
There is no telling how many law enforcement agencies will investigate the bomb killing Gus. ABQ police, state SBI, DEA, ATF, FBI.

Somehow, somewhere, Jesse or Walt's name is going to pop up during one of these agency's investigations.

Gale's Death
Hank still may stumble upon the truth there.

Jesse's Future
Is there a chance that Jesse becomes a leader in an organized crime group?

Will he just self-destruct indulging in drugs, booze and floozies?

Other thoughts
Can Walt just walk away from the business?

Will any of Walt's murders catch up with him? There is no statute of limitations for murder.

Will Skyler keep gaining weight?

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