Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Archie, Dixie & Dodo:
An Uneasy Living Arrangement

Dixie After Trying to Lick Dodo

Dixie is pure jealous of our cat, Dodo. And Dodo hates Dixie. Dixie wants to lick Dodo or play with him. Dixie knows the sounds of Dodo's movements such as when Dodo's claws make a clicking noise when he walks across the hardwood floor. Dixie also perks up when she hears Dodo jump off the counters.

There have been a couple of times Dixie had a hissy fit when she knew Dodo was in my bedroom. One time when Dixie knew Dodo was in my room, Dixie went to the cat litter box and dug out all of the box's contents making a big mess in the hall. In a second incident, Dixie peed right by the litter box. Dogs sometimes use body excretions to send a message such as when Abby shit in Petsmart in an attempt to make me leave that store she hated being at.

Dodo can tell apart who Dixie and Archie are. Dodo cannot stand being in the same room as Dixie. If he knows Dixie is in the room, Dodo will not go in. However, if just Archie is in the room, Dodo will go in it. But he's not lovey-dovey with Archie. If Archie tries to approach Dodo when Dodo is not in a safe place such as on a piece of furniture, Dodo will hiss at Archie. Otherwise, Dodo has an uneasy tolerance of Archie's presence.

Dodo Separated For His Own Good


  1. Cat was like this when Merry and Pippin arrived. She tolerated Pippin, but there was a power struggle between Cat and Merry.

    1. Dodo didn't have these issues with Abby and Andy when he moved in four years ago.