Monday, June 4, 2012

RIP: SpringFloat

The Little Conquistador

The new float from Lowe's brought much fun and joy while it lasted. Dixie was out to get that float the moment she first set eyes on it. I realized when I bought the float that it wouldn't last long. But I had orders to get a float and this was the only one Lowe's had. The inflatable float was made of thin pressed plastic. Dixie against that float was a mismatch.

Almost the moment Dixie saw the float effortlessly coasting along the water, she was completely fascinated. She locked her eyes on the float, crouched down and tried to grab it with her mouth. At first, that didn't work, so she started pounding at the water in frustration.

Eventually, she got in the pool and tried to get on the float. With some help from me, she was able to but she was so excited with my presence in the pool that she jumped off and started playing with me.

Later in the evening, I saw her dragging the float down the pool with her mouth. Sometime after that, she took the float out of the pool. I didn't see that event. All I saw was circumstantial evidence of a deflated float on the ground with tears in it. Dixie ripped that sucker open in a couple of different places.

That thing never stood a chance.

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