Saturday, June 9, 2012

Archie's 2nd Emergency Vet Visit

Non-swollen side

Swollen side

blurry head-on shot

Today, something must have bit Archie such as a bug or a small snake. My bet is on a bug because three days ago while I was doing yardwork, bugs bit me on the back of both of my calves: 1bite/calf. Those stings hurt like hell and caused red welts.

If the same type of bug bit Archie as bit me, then it must have been much more painful since Archie's bite was on his mouth. Normally, a mouth has much more nerves in the region so a mouth is much more sensitive to pain. Archie's mouth started swelling; his breathing was short and rapid and he was drooling. Also, he became quite clingy to my mom.

I was sleeping when it happened so I didn't see the events unfold. I only saw the final result: Archie's visibly swollen mouth.

Thankfully, our vet was still open since it was Saturday morning. He fit us in without any problems. After we checked in at the desk, we immediately went to an examination room. The vet thought a small snake or a bug bit Archie. He would have given Archie a steroid shot but combining it with the medicine Archie got from the after hours clinic could have harmed him. Instead, Archie has to take benandryl tablets. I think he's going to be okay.

The vet bill only cost $15.


  1. Wow. That's pretty damn cheap for a vet bill these days. Glad Archie's okay.

    1. I could hear the vet tell a vet tech "fifteen dollars" but I thought he was talking about the pills the vet was trying to get me. Since the vet didn't have any benadryl pills on hand, I went to Walgreen's to get them.

      I was pleasantly surprised to see that $15 total.