Saturday, June 23, 2012

Let the Milgram Experiment Begin

Yes, dear readers, I got  a shock-collar for Dixie hence the title, The Milgram Experiment. I'm at my wit's end on what to do with her and how to discipline her. She won't listen, continually gets in trouble and refuses to listen to commands.

Here are some things she still does or does not do that she knows she shouldn't

  • Harass the cat
  • Jump up on people
  • Grab things off the counter
  • Grab things off tables
  • Chew on lawn furniture
  • Does a full body tackle indoors on Archie
  • Chew on blankets
  • Chew on power cords
  • Fail to listen to  simple commands such as "stop", "no" or "come here."

I got the collar late last week and after an overnight charge it was ready to go on Sunday. The collar has two ways to admonish the dog: shock mode and vibrate mode. The instructions advises owners to use the shock mode first. Usually, the shock mode is all the dog will not for effective corrective behavior.

Before I tried the collar on Dixie, I held the collar in my hand and made it vibrate. It's an attention-grabber. I knew the vibrate mode would get Dixie's attention and freak her out, which it did.

When I first put the collar on her, she thought it was a game and grabbed the collar and tried to play. However, after I first set off the collar when Dixie did something bad, Dixie completely stopped what she was doing and twirled around a couple of times. She was scared. It was pitiful.

I've only used the collar on her a half a dozen times. Enough so that she now knows that when I put the collar on her, she cools her heels. Even showing her the collar calms her down. So far, this is a good start, but she has so many bad behaviors that this is going to take a while.

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