Thursday, June 7, 2012

Dixie Shunned Me

Keeping her back to me

Refusing to look at me

Dixie hates car-rides, so when I took her to Pullen Park she was not happy during the trip. Although she can easily leap in the car, she refuses and I have to pick her up and put her in. Otherwise, car trips with Dixie are uneventful. What I mean by eventful, for example, is a dog urinating in the car because of an extreme phobia such as Father would do during his rides.

Despite the ride being uneventful, an observant eye could see Dixie's disgust with the situation. Dixie turned her back to me during the whole trip and kept it there. In contrast, Andy, who would also sit in the hatchback like Dixie now does, would lay down pointed in my direction and look at me or sleep.

Not Dixie. Even when I first called her name, she refused to acknowledge me. She did turn her head briefly and cut her eyes at me, but that was only after I begged her to look at me. Soon after, Dixie kept looking at towards the back.

She knows how to get her point across.

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