Thursday, June 21, 2012


Dodo, Dixie and Archie, together in harmony

Dodo is starting to tolerate the Babies now. He's more relaxed around Archie than Dixie. Dodo will even let Archie lick him. "Let" may be the wrong word. Dodo will suffer through Archie's sloppy licks. He'll sit there indignantly while Archie explores this exotic creature. But Dodo needs some space between him and Archie or else he will hiss at Archie. Dodo will not tolerate any proximity with the dogs while he's on the ground. When Dodo allows any contact between him and the cats, Dodo has to be on the counter or in a chair.

However, Dodo is always on alert when Dixie's wild ass is around. Dixie's unpredictability makes Dodo uneasy around her. At least now, Dodo will let Dixie lick her. In contrast to how he acts around Archie, Dodo is more alert and tense around Dixie.

Lately, Dodo has had to deal with the dog's proximity because Dodo wants to love me which means he has to come around the dogs' space. Dodo will sit on my shoulder while I watch TV and the Babies sleep. Once in a while, Dixie will raise her head from her sleep and gaze at Dodo. She wants to do something with that cat. What, I don't know. Sometimes Dixie will work up the nerve to approach Dodo, but I'll scold her and keep her at bay.

I hope those animals can get along.


  1. I just realized that they're all the same color.

    Back when Cat and Sandy (dog) were alive, Cat would always sit above Sandy to be close to her, but never on the ground with her.

  2. Dodo does not want to be on the ground in the same room that these dogs are in. He gets skittish. However, when Abby and Andy were alive, Dodo would walk near and brush past them. I guess these puppies are too erratic and unpredictable for Dodo's comfort level.